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Summer Farmer’s Market in Tamworth
Now, we don’t like to brag, but if we’re honest and public opinion is counted, we can brag that we have the greatest Farmers Market in our neck of the woods. A festival of good food and friends, we gather every Saturday morning in the center of town (our famed ‘Four Corners’) and banter, taste, share and spread the local color up and down the block. Sure, we go to grocery shop, but we also go to meet friends for breakfast, to learn about crops and organic foods from the ones who know it best. We go to check in with our friends, family and neighbors. We go because it is the most happening thing in Tamworth on a Saturday morning, and we are grateful for the opportunity to keep tradition alive. 
The Farmer’s Market movement is not a new concept - for hundreds of years, the only place to purchase food was in open markets, right up until the industrial revolution. Now, in an age where quantity is considered more valuable than quality and food spends more time in transit than it does in stores, the people are taking their food supplies back - in Tamworth, not only do we have our own market, but various smaller ones happen during the week in all of our neighboring towns. The goal of the Farmers Markets is to reunite the people with their food - to give them a say where it comes from and how well it is grown or raised. And when that kind of attention is given by the consumer, then the supplier will also give that kind of attention. 
To test this theory out, go to your local Farmers Market and buy the following:
Farmer’s Bounty BLT
1 ripe Tomato
1 1/4lb Bacon (White Gates Farm bacon is our personal favorite)
1 loaf of fresh bread (we like SunnyField Brick Oven Bakery, preferably the Polenta Cornbread)
1 head of lettuce
1 block of local cheese (Sandwich Creamery Cheese has our vote)
1 canned condiment of your choice (our favorite is Rick’s Picks relish)
One fresh fruit of choice (we like apples, peaches or melons)
1.) Cook two to four bacon pieces in griddle to a nice even crunch
2.) Toast 2 slices of bread on griddle in the remaining bacon fat, melting a slice or two of cheese on bread.
3.) Slice up tomato, shred lettuce, and open condiment. When cheese is melted to a beautiful gooey state, place bread on plate with the sliced tomato, crispy bacon, shredded lettuce and enough condiment to set if off.
4.) Slice, place fruit on the side, and enjoy.

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